Hello reader, ようこそ!

Welcome to my personal website and blog. It contains all things both academic and personal that I’m focused on or interested in at the moment.

I’m a third-generation Japanese (Sansei), or more accurately a second-generation Japanese-Mexican (Nikkei), originally from Los Mochis (Earth Turtle in Cahitan, a native language from the Uto-Azteca family), in the Northern state of Sinaloa, Mexico. I had only planned to stay four years tops but this September 2020 marks my 15th anniversary of living in Scotland. Besides academia, I enjoy cooking, knitting, tidying-up (KonMari style), decorating, looking after my plants, all things Totoro and watching NHK.

I am happily married to Scott Morris, a wonderful Scotsman who can be found at his website and on the film review podcast Fuds on Film.

Hope you stick around!